Helping Older Teens Powerfully Engage

HOPE Court brings restorative justice based court hearings and circles to youth in foster care throughout the year leading up to their 18th birthday and beyond, resulting in more community connection and increased hopefulness for our youth as they become adults.

Restorative Legal Processes

Legal Processes

Interactive court hearings make the legal system accessible for our youth, and empower them to be involved in their child welfare proceedings…

Supportive Youth Circles

Youth Circles

Relationship and community building circles create a restorative space to learn new skills, celebrate achievements and connect during conflict…

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Transitional Independent
Living (TIL) Planning

A safe and empowering space for youth to constructively plan their future…

What are restorative practices?

“All humans are hardwired to connect. Just as we need food, shelter and clothing, human beings also need strong and meaningful relationships to thrive…”


Improving connection, compassion and building community. Creating a space where our youth are deeply heard and are co-creators in their life. Working WITH our youth to empower them to make positive behavioral choices.

Disconnection leads too many young adults to leave the foster care system that is meant to help them.

HOPE turns our current legal system upside-down

It moves away from an adversarial model; utilizing restorative practices and empathic communication to build community and create emotionally safe space. HOPE calls upon all involved to hear each other without judgment, and to believe that things can change for the better. HOPE utilizes and values the community itself as the mechanism for healing; joining child welfare professionals from many organizations with a singular mission.

Bring Justice For All

The goal of this project is to create an easily replicable program that will change our adversarial dependency system into a restorative and community building one, doing what the law is really meant to do: bring justice for all.


Bring Justice for All

Nothing can be done without hope…”
-Helen Keller